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Our Work

In 2020, MA partnered with OSKY in undertaking a major transformation of its ICT systems to better align with the requirements from its membership. This entails providing members with an enhanced experience in their members’ portal, allowing them to better interact with MA as well as other members.
The not for profit teamed up with OSKY to rebuild their website and give it a complete new look and offer an integrated experience to their users. As the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, they needed a clean, user friendly platform where testing and qualifications were made easy and engaging.
The non-profit registered charity seeks to boost Australia’s commitment to international agricultural research and development. They joined forces with RAID — an established network that brings together early or mid-career agriculture and international development researchers — to raise awareness about the importance of investing in agricultural research.
The Airservices Australia live weather camera is a bespoke custom solution that was tailored to help pilots determine weather conditions across Australia. Sponsored by the Bureau of Meteorology, the cameras help provide valuable up-to-date, live information to air traffic controllers and pilots to help improve safety in Australia’s airspace.
ACMC’s e-learning initiative allied with OSKY to establish an online learning platform aimed at the public and the department itself. We're strong supporters of education and life-long learning experiences, so this project knocked at the right doors.
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