What makes a local website development company better than a overseas developer

Thursday March 29, 2018

When it comes to choosing an offshore or local website development company, there are a number of things that need to be considered. Many clients often ask us about going with a cheap overseas web developer, looking at a risks is a key factor.

These considerations can range from quality, design, risk, revenue, cultural differences, timeliness, and support with the developer or team you have assigned the task to.

You must, however, prioritise your specific needs before determining which one is best for you. In light of this, mentioned below are some key risk factors that need to be considered before opting for a local or offshore website developer:

Outsourcing to Offshore Web Developer

Third-world countries offer labour at an immensely low cost, which alone can appear to be a highly motivating driver for selection for your business’ online development. However, many of our clients receive botched websites from overseas developers with disappointing results and rushed jobs, leaving them frustrated and unhappy. Sometimes, their overseas developer decided to receive payment and subsequently disappear from the job altogether.

In many regards, saving a pretty penny isn’t enough because websites are a key driver for making sales online – and bad websites cannot successfully do this. If you cannot make or lead customers to sales with your business’ website project, because of any kind of error or mistake by your web developer, then your website is virtually redundant. Therefore, many clients may request design refreshes or bug fixes which increase the bills for clients who need to work from a half finished result.

In addition, synchronisation with a developer sitting on the other part of the world isn’t half as easy as dealing with someone sitting face to face. Time zone differences can lead to delayed responses to your emails and Skype calls. If a bug appears, who is going to quickly fix it and update it for you?

All this coupled with variation in lingual accents and potential cultural barriers will need to be sorted out on a consistent basis, which can lead to a lot of uncalled for frustrations.

Therefore seriously consider if the stress and uncertainty is worth the extra few dollars. Otherwise, if you are left with a half-complete solution from an overseas web development company – your website may lack professionalism or quality, and you are likely to suffer big time.

Any cost saving done at the expense of waning all these quality related benefits will then not seem like much and you’d have yourself wishing to have chosen a better local web development company.

Your Local Web Development Company

Local web developers might cost a little higher, but will have much better quality, professionalism and functionality. This does not come as surprise, since a well-paid developer is expected and obliged to deliver incredible work. The level of commitment and expertise offered to you by local web development companies ensure that your risk is substantially lower and your final product is highly successful.

Local web development companies are on the same time zone as you so you can frequently communicate them your needs and requirements about the project you have assigned them with. They also tend to have roots embedded in the very culture as our own, a local web development company knows the commerce and expectations of your people so they work accordingly and take better care of your needs.

With a local web development company on board, you can always fine tune your specifics. Moreover, having little to no cultural barrier, you can spell out your demands effectively without having to worry about whether the team you are dealing with actually gets you point or not.

Similar lingual accent and ability to comprehend the language as is will also go in your benefit. All these advantages will lead the local web development company to provide you a software solution that exactly translates your expectations.

Moreover, the huge amounts of time it will save will not having you regret about the extra money you have spent on an onshore web development company. Frequent communication and response to your skype calls and emails will lead to a greater satisfaction level. While other aspects like ongoing support, client retention and website support is highly regarded.

Research also supports the fact that the level of trust and optimal communication is high when you are dealing with a person face to face instead of through indirect channels. Therefore, rest assured, a local web development company will not have you worry with poor communication.

They will guarantee you a peace of mind – moreover, they can be held directly accountable for any delays and whatnot.

The Bottom Line

A local web development company ensures you have access all the great services and results with a higher cost while an offshore web development company can (and tends to) lead to a persistent state of stress and anxiety, with a few extra bucks saved.

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