Is A Custom Web Design Is Better than a Template Based Design?

Thursday March 8, 2018

The most daunting task in the new era of entrepreneurship and businesses is to decide whether to pay a web developer to develop and design your website for you or simply buy an already made website template which is available these days in as low as $10. But as the metaphor goes- cheap is expensive. The statistics suggest that 94% of your potential and real customer base loses interest because of poor design and user un-friendly interface of your website.

This is where custom web design and development becomes so important. If your business is unique, you want to make it look on the web that way too. Using a template that a significant number of other organisations are also using can standardise your company to a considerable extent, and steal away the uniqueness that you claimed to have. Although there are some reasons which make custom web design and development superior to template based designs, the five primary reasons amongst them are as under:

1.    Custom Web Design Makes Your Business Different

To own your business online as well, you have to provide your audience the uniqueness you intend to offer them in person through your service and product. To ensure the presence of your audience, make sure you are offering them something they haven’t found elsewhere. Why would they come to you if everybody else is offering them the same? Therefore, to show that you value your customer and their satisfaction, it can be wise to hire a web developer to custom design your website is always a good idea than to give an image about your company of possessing a miserly mindset. It might also subtly suggest that your customer is not at the top of your priority list and this is a major qui vive for your business.

2.    Customised Designs Minimise Limitation

E-commerce functionalities are sometimes complex. Therefore, they call for custom web designs because the readymade website templates are too fundamental and cannot help your website stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that your website is the representative of your brand in the online world. You have to have a design that makes your brand stand out while still retaining the factors of an e-commerce website, so the customers are not confused when they jump from another website to yours. This is where web development and custom design can come in handy, and you can have your website designed the way you like with the help of a professional.

3.    Custom Designs Increase Compatibility with all Browsers

A feature highly important that can either make or break your website is its compatibility with the browser. Not every one of your audience is tech-savvy enough to approach websites only supported by latest browsers. In such cases, hiring a custom web design is important to ensure that your site opens up at every browser successfully.

4.    Customised Designs Make Your Site SEO Friendly

Website templates might offer you some excellent esthetics, but they are not the best thing for making your website SEO friendly. A professional web designer, however, ensures that you get the required CSS and HTML code and that your website is built in a way that it is search engine optimized. Search engine rankings are sensitive to a lot of details, and all of these can be taken care of by someone who is well versed in dealing with them.

5.    Customised Designs Ensure Your Site is Tailored to Your Audience

Generic templates, as the term implies, are generic. If your target audience has specific needs or expectations from you, then you need to cater to those accordingly. Professional website designers know what the latest website trends, and they can create the esthetics that your visitors will like the most.

Concluding Remarks

Concluding the topic, if you have a limited online presence or if your brand is new, a website template might come in handy. However, once your business establishes name and reputation or maybe is expected to do so in the near future, it is highly recommended you go for customised web development and design if you want your business success to skyrocket.


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