Toora Women Inc Digital Transformation

Thursday March 28, 2019

Toora Women Inc is a not-for-profit organisation which has been delivering gender-specific services to women in the ACT and surrounds since 1982. Their mission statement “Safety, Respect and Choice for Women,” is central to their goal of empowering women.

Statistical information shows that 1.5 million women and 429 000 men have been victims of physical violence.

So when Toora Women Inc approached us, it shook us a little to hear the vital need for such organisations within our region. The figures are astounding, and the team at OSKY treated the build of the website with a sense of empathy and reverence.

Our OSKY experts, pride themselves on the consultation phase with the client, and it is the first step to Digital Transformation. Delving into the real issues and giving sound advice on what the solution is the way that we can deliver a bespoke website.

We could see that the old site was clunky and not loading as it should, especially on mobile. Considering that the information contained on the website is to empower those going through domestic violence with knowledge and the opportunity to reach out, we could see that this was to be a complete overhaul of the site.

We then heard about how the organisation had to engage a web developer for every change required on the site. We knew we could deliver them something that they could update when needed — making it much more financially viable for them.

The team at OSKY designed a new site, and it is fresh, welcoming and rejuvenating. It operates fast, and has an exit button should the user be concerned for their safety while viewing the information on the site around others.

With the ease to locate the information they require and not getting frustrated, users are now navigating more within the website. We enabled donations online through e-commerce, assisting the organisation’s efforts in providing packs to help those that are fleeing horrible situations.

The very thought of being violent towards a woman or even a child had the team grateful for the chance to create a platform that can somehow assist those in need. With a lump in our throat, the OSKY team created something that gives us a sense of pride. We continuously strive to develop a better platform for every new client, always building on what we learnt from the last. We are appreciative to have the opportunity to enhance digital platforms for all types of great organisations that make a difference in someone’s life. It is something we frequently do, and we do it well.

We encourage all our readers to jump over to the site and take a look at the great work Toora Women Inc do in our community.

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