Let’s Talk Peer-To-Peer Platforms!

Sunday November 4, 2018

There are hundreds of companies offering peer-to-peer online fundraising and you could choose any one of them. A comparison has been made between FundRaise Digital to some familiar brands in the industry such as Everyday Hero, My Cause, and, Go Fundraise.

Cost is an incredibly important factor when choosing any service. Everyday Hero and GoFundraise have relatively costly annual fees and higher transaction fees compared to FundRaise Digital. The difference between FundRaise Digital and Everyday Hero and GoFundraise is that there are no lock-in contracts and all the money raised as a result of your campaign goes straight into the charity’s nominated account.

FundRaise Digital Everyday Hero Go Fundraise My Cause
  • $99 monthly on raise 2.
  • 4% transaction fees on raise 2.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • All donations made go into one Charity’s account.
  • FundRaise Digital does not hold any money.
  • Annual $600+GST.
  • 6.5% + transaction fees (1-2.45%).
  • Locked- in contracts and escrow.*
  • Free to $230 depending on the tier.
  • 6% fee (4.95% for premium) + 1.1- 2.1% transaction fees.*
  • Users need to register and login just to see the campaign page.
  • No fees.
  • Cuts vary depending on charity.
  • On average 5% per donations + credit card fees.

*Figures written as of November, 2018.

Potential customers may be thinking, “I have already have a platform and don’t want to switch.” But what if switching helped you save money or better yet, gave you more options?

One of the major factors to consider when deciding on a platform is price and in choosing FundRaise Digital is that there are NO lock-in contracts. While all platforms help build campaigns, we cannot vouch for how successful they are compared to FundRaise Digital that offer our digital solutions which significantly help clients save on costs by automating workflows.

Comparing support systems, FundRaise Digital takes the hassle out of setting up customer’s platforms. Whereas some other platforms have the client create the donation site without any assistance. FundRaise Digital strives to ensure your hard work is appreciated and heard by the wider community.

FundRaise Digital Everyday Hero Go Fundraise My Cause
  • Support centre (Wiki)
  • Consultants who create the platform for you and help customise the look and feel of the campaign.
  • Campaign tracker of target, amount raised so far, amount of donations and number of fundraisers.
  • Basic support, but 24/6 availability.
  • Online services include course and tutorials.
  • Basic and minimal event and fundraising websites.
  • Has FAQs and personal support must be logged via ticket.
  • No 24/7 email or phone.
  • Basic tracker showing amounts raised, goals and donors.
  • Generic template with limited level of customisation.
  • PR and Media support, 24/7 email or phone support services.
  • Has a small donation section showing goals and amount raised but very small.
  • Emphasised on key updates and the cause rather than donations raised.
  • Shows a list of featured campaigns made through the platform.
  • Generic template linked to the MyCause website.

Everyday Hero has a basic support system and includes online services like courses and tutorials. However, building a campaign is created by the client and there is no built-in tracker to display the progress of the campaign on the site or a list of all the clients that have utilised Everyday Hero.

GoFundRaise has webinars, training services and FAQs, but personal support must be logged in via ticket. Unlike Everyday Hero, there is no 24/7 email or phone services. There is also a basic tracker embedded to show the amount of money raised, goals and donors.

MyCause has a 24/7 support service via email and phone as well as PR and Media support. MyCause also has a small donation section displaying campaign goals and amounts raised.

FundRaise Digital provides a more proactive approach with a Wiki support centre and support staff available. FundRaise Digita is committed to helping customers brand stand out in a crowded market of multiple donation platforms. FundRaise Digital will create a personal, unique and branded image, making it easy for sponsors to recognise and donate to your cause.

Although FundRaise Digital competes in a fairly crowded marketplace, it sets itself apart by innovating the online fundraising experience with a focus on security, user experience, transparency, ease of management and technology.  

Designed to be an innovative, modern, advanced and peer to peer fundraising solution, FundRaise Digital helps the organisation raise money through gamification and team features which provide a sense of achievement and fulfilment in making a difference to your cause. Furthermore, FundRaise Digital gives customers the freedom to customise your campaign. The backend editor is user-friendly and gives you the options to personalise your logo, colour and images tailored to match your campaign.

While the aforementioned brands are well-known, been around for a long time and clients go-to option, hopefully, that through our comparison of the two key focal points, pricing and support systems, you are able to determine which platform best fits your needs.

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