Bringing SouthFest Logo To Life

Saturday October 20, 2018

SouthFest showcases life in the Tuggeranong Valley, a party where the streets, laneways and lake foreshore come to life! With their very first launch, the festivities attracted over 15,000 kids and families, spoilt for choice with over 180 stalls, food vendors and performers. An event to find your rhythm, beat, activity and flavour that aims to make the community feel more connected and feel a sense of #TuggersPride.

As a proud partner of SouthFest, OSKY had the honour of designing their logo.

SouthFest envisioned a horizontal logo with bright colours, strong fonts and festive and Tuggeranong elements. As a result of the creative process, OSKY created a fun yet dynamic logo with text “SouthFest” in bold, orange and bright pink, between a water element to signify the Tuggeranong region and festive elements including bright confetti and bolded lines to signify stalls/ event location.

Feel free to browse their website and check out the action on the day on Facebook.

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