Vinnies Data Dashboard

The St Vincent De Paul’s Overseas Assist Financial Data Management dashboard was an project developed by Osky in 2017. It helped solve a great need for the society through a centralised back-end web application designed to fund development projects overseas and student assistance programs in various developing countries around the world.

The brief

The dashboard helps solve a significant portion of Vinnies financial management by eliminating redundant database software, countless spreadsheets, manual reporting and accounting – with new and autonomous web application for financial reporting. Prior to the establishment of the dashboard, the reliance of scattered systems, old technology and data-processing was a key overhead for the organisation.


  • Customised Financial Data Management
  • Centralised Login Dashboard
  • Automatic Financial Report Generator
  • Transaction Recording Management
  • Donor Information Capture
  • Issue and ID Tracking
  • Active or Inactive Tracking
  • User Management
  • Local and Overseas Conference Management
  • Donation Tracking and Owing

The outcome

The tool allows the operator to simply handle numerous tasks to do with financial reporting, transactions and reconciliation through a centralised system. Osky was key from the start in conceptualising, structuring and designing the project to ensure its successful problem-solving and planning and scoping from the first conversation. The team also provided significant efforts in development, testing, deployment and support with vigorous and thorough post-development checks for the dashboard web-application. Development for the project was performed in iterations and tested for quality assurance, with a guidebook handover and operations manual for Vinnies.

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