Independent Education Union (NSW/ACT)

The Independent Education Union (IEU), is the union for teachers and support staff in non-government schools, colleges and early childhood education and care

The union has over 30,000 members and has been representation non Government teachers for the past 70 years.

However IEU website was dated, difficult to publish on and potential members column’t join online and true integration with the membership database wasn’t possible.

Engagement and Approach

OSKY were engaged to make the website more attractive to potential members, easy to use for existing members and easy to publish and update by staff.

OSKY worked with IEU to determine the best website structure, layout and design to support existing membership and to make joining attractive for non members.

OSKY was then able to build a website to meet the requirements of IEU now and into the future.


  • An attractive design that is mobile friendly
  • An online step by step smart form process to easily enable non members to join via the website
  • An ability for the Union to pivot quickie and create online content aligning to a hot topic in education or rights for teaches through tagging and tailor content that aligns with the preferences of members
  • An ability for members to login and view content relevant for their interests, update their own details or renew or change their membership online
  • Member scan also track training achievements and be notified of upcoming training and events tailored for them
  • Integration with the IEU membership database which records changes to membership preferences, renewals, contact details and employment information
  • Easy ways to publish and categorise content including: campaigns, news, events regular publications/newsletters
  • A scalable platform where more integration with other platforms can be added as needed

The Outcome

Through taking the time to work with the IEU, provide detailed analysis and advice and to work with other third party vendors, OSKY has been able to produce a website that meets the needs of members, teachers who are non members and union staff that will grow as the union grows.

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