PRS Call Centre Dashboard

The Pacific Retail Solutions (PRS) Call Centre Dashboard is an initiative undertaken by Osky to greatly simplify the work-processes and streamline marketing / appointment communication for the operators within the company. With over 400 clinics, 60 call centre staff and countless inquiries and bookings for hearing specialists throughout the Oceania region, Pacfic Retail Solutions needed an efficient and reliable web application to service their growing market.

The brief

PRS’ major brands include: AudioClinic, Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, HearingLife, HearingLife NZ, Western Hearing Services and more. Prior to Osky’s involvement, the company’s call centre staff relied upon numerous and scattered technologies to establish booking times with their customers. To the extent where all call-staff required 4 different monitors for each separate application and booking process for enquirers.

The call centre and sales hub for the company is specialised to allow staff to easily find and create appointments based on customer data and input. They are then able to find geographic data and help users find the nearest location with driving directions. Furthermore, the system checks for available spaces to ensure that health centres are not overloaded or double booked on the same day. The call centre dashboard also allows employees to streamline the communication and flow of conversation by providing all other necessary information required by customer. There are a number of other unique functions, including non-human screening (eye checks performed by robots only) and unavailable/cancellation data that is limited to the customer.

The outcome

Osky partnered with PRS from start to finish working closing with the company every step of the way. This includes conceptualisation, scope, design, development, deployment, testing and support.

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