Web Application Development For Extra Usability and Features

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Web application development is a resourceful and feature-rich procedure that is often hosted on cloud or a web server. Most websites do not have as many features as an simple application. A lot of experienced web developers are aware of the need of a proper requirement analysis.

This means that you are required to prepare a solution that goes in the exact direction as the need expressed by your customer. Any deviation can lead to the failure of the entire plan. This and other important elements to add extra usability and features have been discussed below:

Requirement analysis

Let us suppose that you have been approached by a hotel who is your client. They require you to revamp their booking system. They want you to add some extra features such as coupon codes, consumer loyalty and packages creation. Take ample information regarding each one of these requirements expressed by your client and then plan on making a solution on the direction lines provided by them.

Usability and design

Once you think you have got a complete grasp on the explanation provided by your client, make a prototype of the design and show it to your client so that you both are on the same page. If you surprise them with a design no matter however professional you think it looks but your client does not agree upon it, you will have to start anew.

Between usability and design, your web application should ensure it is highly user friendly. If you are aware that your web application is going to be used more by the consumers than the organization you are developing it for, then you should take all the more care.

A layman visiting a company’s website is likely to prefer to a well-organized and simpler design than one with high transition effects and animation. To make your web application more usable, make simpler choice of color and typography.

Choose a framework

The collection classes and libraries that allow a rich set of functionality are known as frameworks. They are written on top of a programming language and also allow you to add-ons. You may want to write one yourself if you are experienced enough but for a novice, it is always recommended to pick up a decent MVC framework.

Design a database

This step must not be pushed until the very end as it happens to be one of the most crucial. The database stores all of the information on your web application. A decent boost in performance can be achieved if the database design is optimized. When you are half through the project and you find yourself wanting to change it due to any number of reasons, it becomes highly difficult. Therefore decide beforehand the best options that are available for you for designing a database.

Development approach

If an agile development approach is doable for you, by all means go for it. But if it isn’t choose a modular approach in which your entire task will be divided into 4 or modules which will then guide you accordingly. You can make each module a successful delivery and get it confirmed by the client so that any amendments can be made side by side.

Yet again, make sure that the design and requirement has been approved by the client beforehand so that you do not have to undo and redo the entire procedure from scratch.

Summing it up, the web application development procedure enhances the usability and features of a website but the web developer has to be very cautious during each step. The feature richness is only appreciated if they are usable and easy to understand and this translation of technology into usability should be the top most priority of a web developer.

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