The Laravel Framework

Monday January 15, 2018

Laravel is a widely used, no-cost PHP framework that supports and simplifies the development of web applications. Compared to other frameworks, Laravel has gained quite popularity due to its amazing features that make development much faster and easier than other frameworks. We recommend using Laravel as a web framework for unique websites or applications that require complete customisation and control over your project. Here are some key functions of the Laravel framework that will help you create incredible web applications:

  1. Authorisation Technique

Authorisation is simple in Laravel. Almost everything is configured in an extraordinary way in Laravel. Laravel also provides a very simple way to organize the authorisation logic and control access to resources.

  1. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel comes with many pre-installed OOP libraries ones, which are not available in any other popular PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. The libraries are easy to implement and it also comes with many advanced features such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF and much more.

  1. Artisan

Laravel comes with a built-in tool known as Artisan. A developer working with the Laravel framework has to usually interact with it using a command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel framework provides a built-in tool for command-line called Artisan. This tool performs the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks easily with just a few commands.

  1. MVC Support

Laravel supports MVC Architecture just like Symfony, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. MVC helps to improve the performance of the framework, it allows better documentation, and it also has multiple built-in functionalities.

  1. Security

Laravel provides security in a way that other similar frameworks do not provide at all. The framework uses salted and hashed password, which means that the password would never save as plain text in the database. It also uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating an encrypted representation of a password which makes it more secure. Laravel also uses prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks unimaginable. Along with this, Laravel also provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of <script> tag.

  1. Blade

The Blade templating engine of Laravel is very spontaneous and it helps working with the typical PHP/HTML by making it so much easier to write in the framework, that makes it one of the best features of the framework.

  1. Homestead

Homestead makes Laravel framework much powerful. It is a packaged vagrant box which lets the developers begin the development task without installation of PHP. Consequently, it also reduces the overall development time and it can also deliver the applications with much faster turnaround time.

  1. Lumen

Lumen is a micro PHP framework which allows the developers to build new APIs at lightning fast speed. Also, the development of Laravel based services has become quite easy with Lumen. The Lumen is fundamentally much faster, leaner and smaller version of the full-scale web app framework.

  1. Elegant

Laravel is one of the few PHP frameworks that offers an elegant syntax which makes it very easy for the web developers to perform the most common tasks such as such as RESTful routing, queue analysis, session and authentication in much easier way.

  1. Modular packaging system

Laravel is packed with programming utilities to help the process of web application development as well as changes in the best possible way. The framework is fully packed with the unique Modular Packaging System (MPS) which has a completely dedicated dependency manager.

  1. Route

With Laravel, the developer can easily maintain routing. The route can be triggered in the application with good flexibility and can be controlled to match the specific URL to get the required information.

So, without further ado don’t forget to use Laravel framework in your next web application. Thanks to its robustness and other unique features it makes much easier for you to maintain and make changes easily to your application.

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