CRM Web Systems and why every non-profit organisation needs one

Friday September 29, 2017

CRM web systems are software or tools that can be utilised to centrally keep track of all customer information the relationships, activity and contact they have had with your organisation.

It allows your team to remain consistent with the message, delivery and initiative that you are sharing, and is synchronised with your team.

Keeping track of your donors through great web systems can help fund recurring donations and improve the results of your campaigns over long periods of time. Therefore, it is extremely important to collect and track information to ensure that recurring donations can be made.

In order to increase the volume of donations, understanding how donors participate with your campaign to identify what forms of communication and types of fundraising works best for each campaign.

Moving away from rattling money boxes outside a supermarket, to strategic online donor management has become an essential means in which to secure your campaign funds.

In the 21st Century, it’s time to look for innovative ways to give your fundraising campaign the much-needed boost that it deserves by having a donor management plan in place.

What is a donor management plan?

In a donor management plan, you are creating a set of steps or actions that you think your donor will do, and then track them accordingly. By gaining valuable insight in your donor’s online behaviour, allows you to appropriately respond and manage each fundraising campaign with actions that move them closer to your campaign goal.

Every step or contact that is sent from your plan is designed to bring your donors one-step closer to the end goal – whether it be through volunteering hours, or making a financial contribution.

This sort of strategic plan is backed with a web system, and is your organisation’s outline to grow and update your donor base by managing your contacts and keeping track of how they participate.

An effective donor management plan will outline your donor’s behaviour, in addition to highlighting key steps to tracking actions.

Understanding what campaign messages and sales pitches that are created with your campaign, is a vital element that will allow you to drive targeted communication and message, which empower donors to offer funding and be directly aware of the cause.

Creating a plan with a goal in mind, meeting pre-set key performance indicators and a high return on investment is often a sought-out goal for organisations.

Donor management software systems

A donor management system is a web based application software commonly used by non-profit organisations to obtain and manage any kind of information about your donors. These web systems and platforms enable nonprofits to analyse and strategically implement communication strategies with your supporters that empower your relationships to grow.

Advantages of a CRM Web System

A donor management platform will help a nonprofit organisation to:

  • Track interactions with donors efficiently.
  • Know where to focus your efforts to achieve the best results.
  • Target the supporters that are most likely to support you.
  • Keep your donor data up-to-date.
  • Organise communications in one place.
  • Enable one off and recurring donations online and receive payments quickly.
  • Send campaign branded marketing emails to your contacts.
  • Track donations and automatically generate contribution statements.

When your donors feel connected to you, they become your long term supporters.

Donor management software allows your organisation to consistently and efficiently grow your donor database which equips your organisation with the information that it needs to access and manage your donor profiles and adjust your fundraising strategies accordingly.

If you are interesting in having a customised web system developed for your organisation, contact us today for a solution.

Written By Daniella Smithson

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