OSKY will sponsor three ACFID member organisations attending the 2022 ACFID National Conference providing User-Centred Design expertise for all stages of the web development process.

OSKY will review your website from a user’s perspective to uncover functionality issues, friction in the user experience, and areas for further improvement.

This service is absolutely FREE to successful UX Grant applicants. Interested organisations can register below.

What to expect at the UX review.

  • Run a discovery workshop to develop a customer journey map to deep dive into your customers thought processes and actions to identify touch points and pain points.
  • We will simulate different user actions like the donation flow and account creation to uncover any possible blockers in the process.
  • We will review existing stats from Google Analytics, heatmaps and screen recordings.
  • We cross-check your system with our standard guidelines based on a mix of experience and research-based UX best practices.
  • We test key elements on your pages/app screens such as call to actions, menu structure and conversion forms.

At the end of the process, You’ll receive a comprehensive report of all our findings, along with actionable recommendations on what to do next from high-level workflows and processes to page layout, visual design, terminology, and your underlying HTML and CSS.

UX review form

  • Applications are now open to register for a free UX review for ACFID members and delegates of the 2022 ACFID National Conference.
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