OSKY implements a multifaceted approach, bolstered by Cloudflare, to detect and mitigate denial of service (DoS) attacks, safeguarding the availability and stability of its web services. Here’s an overview of the controls and measures:

1. Cloudflare’s DDoS Protection:

  • OSKY relies on Cloudflare’s robust DDoS protection services, benefitting from real-time monitoring and mitigation capabilities to counteract large-scale and distributed denial of service attacks effectively.

2. Network Traffic Monitoring with Cloudflare:

  • Cloudflare enhances OSKY’s network traffic monitoring capabilities, utilising its global network to identify and mitigate malicious traffic patterns. Any abnormal activity triggers alerts and proactive measures.

3. Traffic Rate Limiting through Cloudflare:

  • OSKY leverages Cloudflare’s traffic rate limiting features to control the number of requests from individual users or IP addresses within specific timeframes, mitigating the impact of volumetric DoS attacks.

4. Web Application Firewall (WAF) by Cloudflare:

  • Cloudflare’s WAF complements OSKY’s security posture, providing an additional layer to filter and monitor HTTP traffic, specifically identifying and blocking malicious patterns associated with DoS attacks.

5. Load Balancing with Cloudflare:

  • Cloudflare’s load balancing capabilities enhance OSKY’s infrastructure, distributing incoming web traffic across multiple servers globally. This not only improves performance but also mitigates the impact of traffic surges and DoS attacks.

6. Anomaly Detection and Behavioral Analysis with Cloudflare:

  • Cloudflare contributes to OSKY’s anomaly detection and behavioural analysis efforts by providing insights into global traffic patterns. Any deviations from normal behaviour prompt swift responses to potential DoS attacks.

7. Collaboration with Cloudflare for Incident Response:

  • OSKY integrates Cloudflare into its incident response plan, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication for a coordinated response to DoS attacks. Cloudflare’s expertise enhances the efficiency of incident resolution.

8. Regular Security Audits and Testing with Cloudflare:

  • OSKY combines its regular security audits and testing practices with Cloudflare’s insights, benefiting from continuous monitoring and updates to identify and address potential weaknesses exploited in DoS attacks.

9. Cloudflare’s Global Network:

  • OSKY leverages Cloudflare’s global network to absorb and mitigate sudden increases in traffic, characteristic of DoS attacks. This distributed infrastructure enhances resilience against large-scale attacks.

10. Cloudflare’s DDoS Analytics:

  • OSKY utilises Cloudflare’s DDoS analytics to gain deeper insights into the nature of attacks, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement of DoS mitigation strategies.

By incorporating Cloudflare’s services into its security framework, OSKY fortifies its defense against denial of service attacks. This collaborative approach ensures a robust and proactive response to potential threats, contributing to the resilience and availability of OSKY’s web services.

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