OSKY recognises the paramount importance of safeguarding client data and applications through robust backup and recovery standards. Our approach is rooted in flexibility, ensuring that backup and recovery testing is conducted as warranted by individual client needs. This framework adheres to industry best practices, offering a tailored solution to meet the unique requirements of each client.

1. Data-specific Backup Protocols:

  • OSKY implements customised backup protocols for client data, considering factors such as sensitivity, volume, and frequency of updates. This ensures that critical information is regularly backed up and can be swiftly recovered in the event of data loss.

2. Application-Centric Recovery Strategies:

  • We design recovery strategies specific to each client’s applications, ensuring seamless restoration in case of disruptions. This involves a meticulous analysis of application dependencies and requirements for uninterrupted functionality.

3. Compliance with Client Requirements:

  • OSKY acknowledges and adheres to any specific backup and recovery testing requirements mandated by clients. This includes periodic testing to validate the effectiveness of backup systems and their ability to restore data and applications accurately.

4. Regular Testing and Validation:

  • Our standards include regular testing of backup and recovery procedures, incorporating simulated scenarios to validate the effectiveness of the entire process. This proactive approach ensures readiness for any unforeseen events.

5. Documentation and Reporting:

  • OSKY maintains detailed documentation of backup and recovery procedures, providing clients with transparency and insight into the measures in place. Regular reporting on the status of backups, recovery tests, and any identified improvements is part of our commitment to open communication.

6. Continuous Improvement and Adaptation:

  • The backup and recovery standards are designed to evolve alongside technological advancements and changing client needs. OSKY is committed to continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and updating procedures to maintain a resilient and effective backup and recovery framework.

OSKY’s Backup and Recovery Standards offer a tailored and dynamic solution, ensuring the security and availability of client data and applications. Our commitment to compliance, testing, documentation, and continuous improvement reflects our dedication to providing clients with a reliable and adaptable backup and recovery strategy.

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