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The Hilltops Region, located just over an hour north of Canberra in southern NSW, features the beautiful town of Young, Harden Murrumburrah and Boorowa. With a selection of quaint villages thriving with heritage and scenery, the region tells distinctive story of Australian history. The Hilltops Region website is an exhibition and celebration of a rich countryside with amazing food & wine, history, festivals, stories and trails.

As one of Australia’s most fertile and lush regions, Hilltops was always an attractive place for cultivation and settlement. In the 1820’s, Europeans arrived in Boorowa and settled in areas further west in the 1830’s. From then, the gold rush brought more people from the 1860’s, as towns and villages grew as foreigners from countries including Italy, Germany, France, China and The Netherlands came ashore. After the end of the mining rush, indigenous workers and other settlers grew the area with work in a broad pastoral economy and industrial horticulture.

In the 1880’s, new technologies such as railways and electricity were introduced to the region, and a chief commercial centre was established in Young for business. The history of the landmarks are celebrated through numerous heritage walks, cultural tributes and memorials scattered throughout the Hilltops Region.

The brief

Osky’s web development of Hilltops is designed to promote and showcase the beauty of the incredible landscape and great activities to explore.


  • API integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)
  • Smart sector-structure in accommodation, services, trails, shopping and event site architecture
  • Social sharing and language switching functionality
  • Email subscription and newsletter integration
  • Web development optimised for vivid imagery and presentation
  • Google Maps location API integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Google
  • Planning, design, content and organisation in coordination with local government

The outcome

Working with the local government at Hilltops Council and CBR Canberra Region, the initiative to promote tourism and the area was a key focus of Osky Interactive. Osky’s web development solution was designed and coded through a custom build framework on the WordPress platform for the project. We also optimised the website for speed, search-ability and size to ensure that every experience can be enjoyed without a long waiting period for the best user experience.

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