Toora Women Inc

Toora Women Inc is a not-for-profit organisation which has been delivering gender-specific services to women in the ACT and surrounds since 1982.

Their mission statement “Safety, Respect and Choice for Women,” is central to their goal of empowering women.

Statistical information shows that 2.2 million adults have been victims of physical violence from a partner since the age of 15. And a further breakdown shows that 1.5 million were women and 429 000 being men.

The figures are astounding, and the team at OSKY treated the build of the website with a sense of empathy and reverence.

The brief

The experts at OSKY pride themselves on the consultation phase with the client, and it is the first step to Digital Transformation. Delving into the real issues and giving sound advice on what the solution is the way that OSKY can deliver a bespoke website.

Through the in-depth evaluation, they ascertained that the old site was not mobile friendly and slow. The design was not appealing and demanded a refresh to resonate with the organisation’s target audience.

The specialists continued their assessment and discovered that the Content Management System was hard to use and did not support the organisation. Considering the future growth of Toora Women Inc, it was not financially sustainable to continue with relying on web developers to make simple changes to the site. OSKY wanted to change this.

Further investigations highlighted the site was not getting to their target audience as it was hard to find and ranked low on google searches. There was no e-commerce, with the organisation not being able to reach out efficiently for donations.


  • Ecommerce Integration‎
  • Wordpress CMS Integration
  • Books and Reports
  • Custom Online Enquiry Form

The outcome

The team at OSKY designed a new site, and it is fresh, welcoming and rejuvenating.

As part of the OSKY solution, there is always ongoing analytics to ensure that the site is performing well. It didn’t take long for the team to see that there were fewer bounces, and users were spending more time on the site. With the ease to locate the information they require and not getting frustrated, users were navigating more within the website.

The team enabled an e-commerce module to take donations online. Creating a new revenue stream for the organisation and allowing a further reach to potential donors.

OSKY strives to be at the top of their game and with their intelligence and understanding of the end-user’s psyche, developed a mobile-first design. Considering the target audience, the ability for the audience to have shorter download times and the access to content as quickly as possible was paramount to the team’s solution.

The CMS integration provided Toora with the ability to manage their content and make updates themselves quickly and efficiently.

Other features include a media library to manage publications such as books and reports. A database conditioned online form to manage enquiries quickly and efficiently and the streamlining of all processes.

In short, the old Toora Women Inc site looks nothing like the made to measure website they have today with the client being extremely pleased with the transformation. OSKY has provided this valuable organisation with a way to continue their immediate assistance to many local families in need of help.

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