The SPARK program

One of the programs of St Vincent de Paul Society’s Support Services, SPARK supports newly arrived families of migrant, refugee, asylum seeker background in their settlement in South West Sydney. It provides recreational and educational programs for the children, skill-enhancing workshops for the parents, and builds the capacity of the community to support the settlement of newly arrived families. SPARK is a great initiative that has helped many families in the last few years, and Osky is proud to continue supporting the organisation through web development, design and support for the community.

The brief

Osky believed that SPARK needed a website that could propel more traction that would, in turn, attract more volunteers, donors, and supporters. The old website needed major overhaul, and in turn developed a unique website for the Vinnies SPARK initiative.  

SPARK’s capacity to extend help to the communities relies on volunteers, supporters, and donors, and an easy-to-navigate, smartly designed, and informative website is crucial to gain public attention. Osky felt that the current website needed major improvements like better interface, easy access to the downloadable forms, and for the backend development, a more seamless content management system for the SPARK staff.


  • Integration with WordPress CMS
  • Updated look and feel
  • Online application form that SPARK can manage or edit
  • Submitted applications to be downloadable to a CSV format file.
  • Ability to print out application forms
  • Application form changes according to the options selected by applicant.
  • (Custom predefined fields)
  • Automatic email response sent to applicants, when they have completed their form.
  • Content of email editable by SPARK
  • Compatibility with modern browsers and smart devices

The outcome

Osky made sure downloadable forms and email responses are in place for the convenience of the interested donors and volunteers, and integrated WordPress CMS for faster and hassle-free postings. Osky also executed an updated look and feel for the website. The user experience is definitely enhanced.

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