The Crawford Fund

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The Crawford Fund

The non-profit registered charity seeks to boost Australia’s commitment to international agricultural research and development. They joined forces with RAID — an established network that brings together early or mid-career agriculture and international development researchers — to raise awareness about the importance of investing in agricultural research.

The brief

Both entities needed to redesign their websites, improve their functionality and refresh their online presence. This needed to be done by bringing the two websites together and aligning their brand and mission by maintaining a clear articulation of the synergies and legalities between Crawford and RAID while addressing the security and privacy requirements.

OSKY created and implemented a layout and architecture redesign for both Crawford Fund and RAID that gave them an updated look and feel, improved accessibility and user experience.


  • A customised front and back-end to aid content publishing.
  • An e-commerce engine to allow online donations to support their mission.
  • Integration of SEO Admin tools to successfully manage URLs, keywords, meta and page descriptions.
  • Google Analytics integration for site performance tracking and reporting.
  • WordPress CMS based framework integration that is scalable and extensible to support future requirements.
  • Encryption and security features for data-loss and site manipulation prevention.
  • Regular whole-site backup to a AWS cloud.
  • Newsletter and membership subscription page.

The outcome

OSKY delivered a mobile and tablet responsive design with integration social feed and sharing functionality that would engage Crawford Fund’s and RAID’s audience with their mission more than ever before. The dynamic and interactive user experience has been significantly improved to deliver relevant information quickly and efficiently.

OSKY is proud to have contributed to increasing Australia’s awareness about the importance of the nation’s involvement in agricultural research. Mission-driven projects are what gets our heart pumping and our fingers flying on the keyboard.

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