RDI Network

The research for development impact network (RDI) fosters important collaborations with the Australian Council for International Development and Australian Universities by promoting high-quality ethical research used as evidence in promoting policy reform in relieving poverty and injustice in around the world.

The network is led by a group of practitioners, researchers, and evaluators who engage  NGO’s to collaborate with Australian universities to gather the most extensive and effective research. A key function of the network is to act as a cross-sector platform for shared learning and action between these bodies.

The brief

With seamless communication exchange being vital to the efficiency of information being shared, Osky looked to provide a fully engaged and responsive WordPress platform providing optimum  user friendly navigation.

Osky recognised that a primary function for RDI Network was to allow users to not only locate information quickly but to ensure that RDI network had full attainability to collect user data. They also sought to unite key interactive elements so that sharing of information could be found easier and external social media and email scheduling communication could be carried out more efficiently.


  • Wordpress CMS installation allowing for immediate access to edit and publish content
  • Access to share content and event calendars
  • SEO capabilities, making it easier for search engines to index the site so that users can find them quicker
  • Responsive contact engagement allowing users to take a specified action
  • Social media integration and live feed with Twitter and Facebook.

The outcome

Osky provided RDI network a WordPress website platform structure that is interactive, responsive, user-friendly and seamless in being able to pinpoint specific information quickly. Through developing on the WordPress CMS, Osky was able to create a custom framework that was tailored  Visitors to the site are able to register to have access to a library of content which also allows RDI to maintain contact with its new members and keep them informed on the latest research news and upcoming events. 

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