Police Federation Industrial Planning Tool

The Police Federation of Australia (PFA),  is the national body which brings together members of the eight (8) state, territory and federal police associations and unions across the country.

With over 65,000 members the PFA needed an easy to use web based application to allow them to compare and contrast industrial agreements between jurisdictions on leave, pay and other crucial conditions. This ability would allow industrial offices to better represent their members for better conditions when negotiating with State and territory Governments.

The existing system for the same purpose was dated, difficult to use and expensive to change.

Engagement and Approach

OSKY has a long relationship with PFA and supports many websites and applications. PFA therefore saw OSKY as a natural solution provider

OSKY worked with the PFA workshop on the detailed business requirements for the application and through a uX and design process OSKY was able to determine the business rules for the application, the user experience and the design.

Through thai OSKY was then able to build an extendable and robust application to meet the requirements of PFA now and into the future.


  • An application that can upload jurisdiction based awards and break them up into clauses and subclauses for comparison
  • An ability to add new agreed conditions for police officers for their jurisdiction
  • A comparison tool allowing awards and conditions to be compared between jurisdictions. Ensuring a level playing field for Police
  • A document library for Industrial officers to refer to for research
  • An ability to setup research projects to investigate possible future awards for Police officers
  • Inutrial officers can publish update son their progress on negotiations and planning to other officers
  • A fully responsive application that can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • A secure application that requires authentication to access

The outcome

OSKY continues to strengthen our relationship with the PFA through not only supporting their public facing online presence but now we are helping PFA staff to provide better outcomes for Police across Australia and New Zealand sooner through a custom built online tool.

The Industrial Planning tool is a living application which OSKY is happy to support in partnership with the Police Federation and demonstrates the increase in productivity and service that can be provided through true digital transformation.

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