Plan for the Planet

The Young Australians Plan for the Planet Program aims to deliver United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) through an innovative national extra curriculum schools program. It’s a joint initiative of Questacon, Inspiring Australia, Future Earth, Foundation for Young Australians, United Nations Information Centre, ANU, UNSW, UTS, and other supporting organisations.

Recently launched in 12 August 2016, the Plan for Planet Program functions as an extra curriculum program in 20 schools across Australia. Each school is tasked to come up and develop a sustainable development plan for its regional EcoZone to 2050. Together, all these schools will collaborate and merge their individual EcoZone plans to produce a national sustainable plan that will be presented to the Australian Prime Minister in July 2017.

The brief

Osky was sought to produce a website that could wholly encapsulate the essence of the Plan for the Planet Program. As The Young Australians Plan for the Planet Program calls for daily updates for the schools and partners, it would need a website that would be easy to use among organisers, students, teachers, parents, benefactors, and visitors. Forms would have to be fully functional, and content management systems would have to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

For Osky to come up with a website that could meet Plan for the Planet Program’s crucial demands critical to its success across the region. To ensure that all pertinent forms—registration, contact info—would be bug-free and accessible anytime. To present Plan for the Planet Program’s overview, mission and vision, FAQs, and partner schools in a more user-friendly way.


  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom Theme
  • e-Newsletter forms and subscription
  • Online plan builder
  • Members forum
  • Online forms

The outcome

Osky integrated WordPress CMS into the website for fast and easy postings and updates. It also optimised all the forms for lead generation and ensured the pages are all readable, logical and easy-to-navigate, and user-focused. Osky’s design is also fresh and updated—made for the young Australians, our future leaders.

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