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National Rock Garden

The National Rock Garden (NRG) is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to celebrate Australia’s rich geological setting with a permanent display in our national capital, Canberra that shares our country’s story.

In 2022, NRG partnered with OSKY to assist in a complete refresh of their outdated, 11-year-old website to coincide with the upcoming opening to the general public of their initial rock garden display. Both organisations worked together to share NRG’s story through their new website with the aim of helping to educate, build support and gain partnerships for this new endeavour.

Challenges and Solution

NRG will be a world-class educational and tourist destination for all Australians and international visitors, with the goal of having at least 100 very large rock specimens on display, carefully chosen to tell interesting stories about Australia’s geological heritage.

NGR needed an updated website that reflected their new direction and showcased further information on all the rocks housed in their collection. Their purpose is two-fold:

  1. Get the message out there to encourage the general public to visit.
  2. Attract sponsorship for construction and ongoing maintenance of the garden.

The secondary goal of their website is to provide educational resources related to geoscience, which further positioned them as experts in the field.

OSKY was brought in to create an eye-catching website design that incorporated engaging text-based and pictorial content that very clearly told NRG’s story and invited people to visit.


  • Fully responsive solution powered by WordPress CMS.
  • Easy-to-edit website content blocks that enable NRG to update in their own time and refresh information as needed.
  • Easily searchable information with specific sections dedicated to targeted audiences.
  • Improved site architecture and navigation for a frictionless experience.
  • Integration with Campaign monitor for newsletters and other EDM features.
  • Easy-to-use forms to contact the Garden, sponsor or get involved in some other way.
  • Mobile Responsive WCAG 2.1 AA site.

The outcome

The National Rock Garden holds an important role with their aim of sharing the diversity of rocks and minerals that contribute significantly to the nation’s landscapes, culture and prosperity. Their new custom-built website is multifold, catering to a wide audience of rock enthusiasts, experts and potential donors alike. It is easy to navigate with a simple visually-appealing design that is mobile responsive and easy to update. The refreshed site is a reflection of the expertise NRG holds and what they hope to achieve and share through their new Garden.

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