NAATI 2019

NAATI, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, teamed up with OSKY to embark on an ambitious website re-platforming project. NAATI’s goal is to create a vastly improved online experience characterised by intuitiveness, responsiveness, and user-friendliness. To achieve this, we undertook a ground-up upgrade of the website’s technology stack.

As the leading authority in translator and interpreter accreditation, NAATI recognises the importance of streamlining user interactions on the platform. NAATI’s primary objectives are to simplify the application process for tests and qualifications and to facilitate the public’s search for qualified translators. To realise these objectives, NAATI embraced the latest web development frameworks and cutting-edge technologies. This project represents a significant leap forward in NAATI’s mission to enhance user engagement and accessibility.

The brief

The need for a platform that was easy to maintain — particularly by internal NAATI staff, led us to move the site from an internally hosted platform to the cloud. That allowed us to turn a dated and stale design with limited and clunky functionalities into an engaging and easy to navigate resource.

As part of that, the integration with legacy backend data management systems was key to provide a seamless user experience to NAATI’s customers. We delivered a modern CMS which provided features such as: additional styling to individual pages which allowed for a graphic design fresh look and feel, editing of the social media channel icons, thus becoming a more user centric and highly accessible website.


  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) Hosting
  • Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 (WCAG 2.1)
  • Operation in an environment built on Microsoft .NET technology stack
  • Form responses and video files distribution to external NAATI special users
  • Display of complex data drawn from a list of information updated on the CMS
  • User-friendly layout, content and styling access
  • Site structure redesign

The outcome

The collaboration between NAATI and OSKY culminated in a highly successful replatforming project that brought about a profound transformation of NAATI’s website.

The application process for tests and qualifications was streamlined, reducing friction for applicants and providing a seamless journey. Moreover, the project introduced advanced search functionalities, enabling the public to effortlessly locate qualified translators.

By upgrading the underlying technology stack with the latest web development frameworks and technologies, the website now stands as a paragon of industry standards, offering robustness, security, and adaptability for the future.

These improvements, along with mobile optimisation and accessibility enhancements, fortified the website’s integrity and user satisfaction. Ultimately, the replatforming project garnered positive user feedback, cementing its success as a pivotal step forward in enhancing user engagement, accessibility, and overall website performance.

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