MRI E-Cycling Solutions

Founded 25 years ago MRI e-cycle solutions provide nationwide coverage to facilitate pioneering, safe, secure and ethically compliant recycling solutions of electronics and batteries.

Facilitating the needs of small companies through to corporate agencies, councils, and big brands, MRI e-cycle solutions has more than 220 drop zone site locations across Australia that the public can drop their computers, TVs, tablets, monitors, and printers off for collection through a Drop Zone collection network.

MRI e-cycle clients can also schedule a collection through MRI’s online portal, there, they can book Battery Bucket(s) and schedule E-Waste disposal.

Users of the prepaid collection services are corporates, schools, small businesses and private homes and MRI e-cycle also provide free pick-up and a replacement buckets nationwide.

A primary function of  MRI e-cycling solutions network is to allow users to schedule an online quote for the collection of computers that can be collected and value recovered from and for the public to find key information about where they can deliver their items to the Drop Zone locations.

The website also acts as a portal for clients to login so that they can order battery buckets for waste battery recycling and e-waste disposal.

The brief

To facilitate and optimise an open means of communication between EMRI Recycling solutions, the public, and their clients.

For Osky to elevate the opportunity for more dynamic exchanges of information and location navigation indicators to pinpoint drop off zones.

The website was also equipped with e-commerce integration allowing customers direct access to purchase battery recycling and e-waste products.


  • Online form integration
  • Drop off points locator maps integration
  • Online shop
  • Online/Live Chat
  • E-newsletter subscription form
  • Social sharing module
  • Social media integration and live feed  

The outcome

Osky provided MRI e-cycling a direct link between their organisation and their clients by integrating a live chat module that enables site users to have real time exchanges relating to their question or query.

Along with this Osky implemented live social media feed to MRI’s social platforms to increase their awareness and engagement levels across Australia, and this was accentuated by an email newsletter subscription form that E-MRI can use to keep clients continually engaged and updated.

So that users have distinguished access to sources of information, Osky integrated 2 websites in one, ( and so that two different appeals for services could be better located and so that MRI can address separate topics through separate locations.

MRI e-cycling Solutions now serves as a multi-functional interactive responsive website.

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