Medicines Australia – Members Portal

Medicines Australia (MA) is a trusted source for industry information and policy development as well as leads the research-based medicines industry of Australia.

In 2020, MA partnered with OSKY in undertaking a major transformation of its ICT systems to better align with the requirements from its membership. This entails providing members with an enhanced experience in their members’ portal, allowing them to better interact with MA as well as other members.

Challenges and Solution

MA’s customer expectations are far exceeding what MA’s current state of technology could offer. MA was seeking an experienced digital solution provider who could deliver a solution which address existing pain points within identified business processes and tasks which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Attention to confidentiality and security. By its very nature, MA is entrusted with Commercial – in – Confidence information from its members. It is critical that information provided by a member not be unintentionally visible to other members.
  • An intuitive user experience. The is to provide MA members with a clear, intuitive user experience when interacting with the members-only website.
  • A platform that encouraged sharing and a single source of member information. MA had great deal of difficulty communicating with their members with their technology and time constraints. A single platform with personalisation and automated notifications to members ensured effective communication for far less effort by staff.
  • As a peak body in a unique industry, MA couldn’t find a COTS product that would meet their needs. An Open Source solution with re-use of available components meant a unique and cost effective solution.
  • The evolving nature of the industry, especially during the COVID pandemic, meant that a vendor with an agile approach to analysis and development was required.


  • Secure members online portal.
  • Events management, and calendar.
  • Personalisation through areas of interest.
  • News management.
  • Projects and working groups collaboration tools for members and staff.
  • Notifications, email and newsletters.
  • Document and post publishing workflow.
  • Hierarchical security model to protect both member organisations & Medicines Australia.
  • Advanced search and faceting of results.


OSKY has successfully delivered an ICT solution that can provide MA members with a rich, interactive online experience which includes but not limited to the features above.

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