Indesco offers fully integrated engineering solutions from building services (structural engineering, building civil, building hydraulics), urban design (landscape architecture, urban infrastructure, land development), to civil infrastructure (construction phase services, traffic and transport, road design, hydrology and hydraulics, land development).

Over the years, it has become one of Australia’s most trusted engineering companies, having handled a multitude of high-value projects and gaining the trust of its business partners, stakeholders, and clients across various disciplines.

Osky believed that what Indesco needed was a website that could fully catalogue their accomplishments, present their visions and services in a more comprehensible form for the sake of present and future clients, and could be easily accessed and used by its internal staff. Osky then proceeded to integrate the new and improved features into Indesco’s website.

The brief

For Osky to develop Indesco’s website and improve its current features, making it a fully comprehensive website that reflects Indesco’s core values and underlines its noteworthy reputation. Osky wanted to enhance Indesco website’s user interface and create more efficient content management systems. And because Indesco has an impressive portfolio, Osky felt it was necessary to highlight all these projects and present them in a more user-friendly way—not only to please its present clients but attract more in the future.


  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom theme
  • News and events archive modules
  • e-Newsletter form and subscriptions
  • Online forms
  • Integration with Google Analytics

The outcome

Osky transformed the Indesco website into one with more optimised and eye-catching UI and UX design. For its backend development, Osky added the easy-to-use and intuitive WordPress CMS to power up the website. Osky also improved the various forms available in the website to make communicating with the clients and visitors easier. Lastly, Google Analytics was integrated into the website for measuring performance and making marketing decisions.

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