FundRaise Digital

FundRaise Digital is a custom fundraising platform designed for charities and organisations to raise money online. The platform makes it easy to fundraise money with unique gamified events, challenges and badges which make it a enjoyable and fulfilling experience for fundraisers. When certain achievements or goals are met, users are awarded with collectable badges and rewards. They also receive recognition for meeting targets and even exceeding them!

The brief

Originally, Osky developed FundRaise Digital as a private customised solution for non-profit clients, which successfully raised over $40 million dollars throughout it’s use. In 2018, it was then adapted as a platform for the wider community in hopes that more non-profit and charity organisations would be able to make the most from it’s purpose. The platform is partnered with eWAY, a premier payment gateway for Australians paying and receiving funds online.


  • Program management and donations dashboard
  • Unique donation page styling and design integration
  • Streamline with eWAY payment processing
  • Gamified achievements and unique event and unlockables
  • Organisation, teams, colleagues or co-worker competition functionality

The outcome

FundRaise Digital is unique in facilitating a strong giving culture, and promoting friendly competition amongst teams and individuals. It allows users to grow and nurture your team spirit to establish donation targets amongst friends or colleagues and incentivise bright and innovative ways to raise funds. The platform boasts ultra-competitive low transaction fees, direct-to-your account payments, unmatchable support from project managers and a professional easy-to-setup system.

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