Communities@Work is a broad-based social enterprise serving the community in the ACT and wider capital region. It’s a Registered Training Organisation offering qualifications and professional development in early education and care. It’s committed to providing childcare services, serving seniors and people with disability, and helping out people experiencing hardship. It also sponsors The Galilee School, an independent school for young people without access to mainstream education system.

As Communities@Work strives to build a socially inclusive community, Osky felt that the website of Communities@Work should be an easy-to-use and informative one that would be able to reach out to more volunteers, stakeholders, and supporters.

The brief

To take Communities@Work existing website and transform it into an easy-to-navigate, visually coherent, and content-rich portal that would attract more users and supporters for the enterprise’s cause. To highlight pertinent sections like; Centre locations, Qualifications and Training and Community Services, and make annual reports and resources easily accessible and downloadable. Osky also felt the need to present the content in a smarter and more fluid way.

The outcome

Osky overhauled the website and gave it a light and cheery feel, with a navigation that is simple and easy. As Communities@Work is committed to public service, Osky made the website more open and transparent—users can now find the information they require quickly and efficiently due to clearly categorised sections. Users can also download resources and annual reports, get access to information in relation to volunteering, make online donations and get updated on the latest Communities@Work news.

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