City Strata Management

City Strata is an award-winning total body corporate management service provider, which offers a variety of in-depth financial services like accounting, auditing, records management, dispute resolution, among others. The company also specialises in the areas of management, planning, and insurance negotiation.

While City Strata has already proven itself as exceptionally efficient and trustworthy among its clients, Osky saw an opportunity for the former website to improve performance and deliver a higher quality output.

To reduce the hassles and complexities of property ownership, City Strata gave Osky the go-signal to streamline the website. Osky then proceeded to overhaul the website—improving user interface, enhancing the overall web and mobile experience, adding new user-friendly features—thus richly benefiting the business.

The brief

To help City Strata attract more customers and offer better service by replacing the outdated website, which was bogged down by poor site navigation and browser incompatibility problems. Osky will work on making the new website compatible with available web browser versions and make it mobile-friendly. Osky will also improve the web navigation so users will stay longer on the site.

The project will eliminate problems of long loading times and implement technology that will ensure the website’s consistent reliable performance. The old design of the City Strata website was of poor quality, so Osky will revamp it and give it a more professional and modern look. The work involves substantial changes that aim to ultimately convert visitors into customers.


  • WordPress CMS installation and setup.
  • Integrated search engine.
  • News and Archive.
  • Newsletter subscription module.
  • Media gallery for displaying photos and videos.
  • Online forms

The outcome

Osky envisioned a new design that was made with ease-of-use as a primary concern. Built on the WordPress CMS, the new website is now easy to use and update. More than ease of use, the improved website allows City Strata and their clients to interact more easily with multiple feedback outlets available.

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