Canberra Region Tablelands

The Canberra Region Tablelands is an encapsulation of a beautiful country region that boasts unique scenery and a great variety of world class food, wine, heritage and arts in the Australian outback – just waiting to be explored. The experience to have in region is a unique and fascinating, and helps bring incredible history and heritage of the region to life. Osky Interactive’s design and web development for the project was created to accommodate the outstanding photography and vivid setting throughout.

The brief

With five different unique regions to explore, all located further north and east outside the ACT, the Canberra Region Tablelands has something for every occasion and budget. From quaint country bed and breakfasts, historic homesteads, hotels, motels, cabins – to enjoying the wilderness through camping or hiring a caravan. With world class food and wine offerings, the region prides itself on a feast of impressive produce and richness in the fermentation of it’s grapes.

The region also has a diverse range of Australian events and festivals including picnic races, country fairs, farm produce markets, sports events, exhibitions, fishing tournaments and more. There is always a great reason to escape to the Canberra Region Tablelands.


  • API integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)
  • Unique search region functionality
  • Multi-faceted web development for deep structure and regions
  • Multi-user blog publishing tools and social sharing
  • Email subscription database integration
  • Google Maps location API integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Planning, design, content and organisation in coordination with many parties

The outcome

As a local partner with the Tourism CBR Canberra government, Osky’s web development for the Canberra Region Tablelands presents the region and promotes tourism and recognition to the area. Visitors are able to easily find and filter locations to gain information and get an understanding of the region through structured design and architecture in it’s unique interface. All created in mind to capture life in the region. Osky used a WordPress CMS solution that was created to maintain and structure a customised solution for the website while keeping the content, imagery and index-ability optimised and fast.

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