Australian Lutheran World Service

The Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) is an overseas aid and resettlement agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Their mission is with the combined Lutheran family in Australia and New Zealand, to aid people who have suffered and continue to suffer from poverty, injustice, and crisis. Together, they work together to support those affected as they re-integrate back into society and create a better life for themselves and their families.

The brief

ALWS envisions a world full of love and support, where people live in just societies, empowered to live up to their fullest potential and uphold their rights and the rights of others for a life of peace and dignity. ALWS reaches out in love, for justice and bring together who dedicate themselves in service to help end all suffering. They work openly and provide support programs which welcome, respect and bring hope to those who are affected by disaster, poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Working closely with the ALWS team in Melbourne, Australia, OSKY built a website that has a clear, focused user experience and intuitive user interface, that allows visitors to learn about the work ALWS does around the world and gives donors the ability to buy virtual gifts and make donations to a wide variety of causes, countries and emergency appeals.


  • eCommerce with recurring payments option
  • Donation engine
  • News and stories
  • Document management system with the ability to build and download resource packs
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Policies and annual report management
  • Custom map design with Google Maps API integration
  • Heavily customised admin section leveraging advanced custom fields
  • Custom reports for specific purchase and donations

The outcome

In addition to the eCommerce functionality of the website, there is a custom built solution that enables schools and churches to download pre-made info packs, create their own info packs or download individual classroom resources, to help them promote the important work ALWS is doing at home and in countries that are in need of humanitarian help and support.

OSKY created a unique custom map that uses Google Maps API to plot pins related to specific countries. These pins can be changed dynamically by a system administrator to indicate if a country is currently experiencing an urgent request for support.

The website also includes the ability to upload and manage policies and annual reports which can then be displayed via a specific page. There is a news and stories blog, a detailed about us section and a heavily customised WordPress backend that allows an admin user to make changes quickly and simply.

OSKY has given ALWS a modern, capable platform that will aid them in continuing to do great work around the world, by providing a crucial portal for donors, schools and churches to make donations and spread the word.

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