100 Beach Challenge – Shoalhaven City Council

The Shoalhaven City Council came to OSKY with an agenda for creative tourism. The string of coastal villages south of Sydney are embraced by 100 pristine beaches that spread from Sydney to Canberra.

In order to give travelers a chance to explore them, they designed an online game which both the local community and tourists alike can sign up and play. It’s called Shoalhaven 100

The brief

The game aims at highlighting the abundance of seashores across the south coast of Sydney and inviting users to explore them.

The key goal of the website is to embark users on an interactive educational journey and foster the region’s natural landmarks tourism, boosting visits on the 170km of Australia’s spectacular coastline between Sydney and Canberra.

For a complete experience, the game brought the travelers information on entertaining activities and accommodation at each location along the way.

Once registered on the website, an inbuilt GPS tracks and keeps live updates of the user’s gaming acumen against the performance of other live players. This way, participants can monitor their progress in real-time as well as share their progress with friends and exchange possible ways of exploring more destinations.

One key aspect of the site is that it is equipped to collect user data so that Shoalhaven City Council can obtain essential information about their audience demographics and details that allow them to keep their advertising campaigns targeted and up to date.


  • Real-time exploration of beaches on the map
  • Live scoreboard for players and other user competition
  • Opportunity to share gaming progress with friends
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Game GPS navigation

The outcome

OSKY facilitated Shoalhaven City Council a sub-platform that acts as a portal for users to find and explore the region’s coast through a real-time gaming experience.

Overall, the platform reminds Australians and travelers alike that there’s more on the shoreline than their typical beaches, thus boosting the leisure industry in the region.

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