How to Run and Manage Your WordPress Site: Tips & Tricks

Tuesday September 20, 2016

Whether your WordPress website is for your business, organisation, personal use or something else, running and managing your WordPress site is a big hurdle for many users. A WordPress Developer cannot always be on hand to advise you at every moment. Take note of some tips below:

DO: Keep a testing environment for your website or run a testing webserver on a local machine.

When you run your website, it’s important that you have a clean version for backup, and another for testing. Never implement changes or tests on a live production site—bugs, virus, and crashes can affect your data or content if you do so.

DO: Test everything.

Test plugins and updates within your testing or staging environment…before going to the production site. You just can’t upgrade your WP core or add plugins on the live site right away—you need to test first. Otherwise, you’re in for trouble (see first item).

DON’T: Edit the main or core theme directly.

We love getting our WordPress themes and customise them to our heart’s content. The thing is, if the theme developer upgrades the theme, all your changes will be obliterated. You wouldn’t want that right? What you need to do is create a Child Theme—click here  to know how.

DON’T: Edit plugin files.

It follows the same logic: When the plugin developer releases an upgrade, all your changes will be gone.

DON’T: Use default permalinks.

According to blogger Chad Butler, “It looks unprofessional, and in this day and age if you are managing a WordPress site, it’s inexcusable to not correct it.” Make your permalinks more keyword-friendly.

Trust us: Keeping these WordPress management tips in mind will help boost your business and brand.

If you need expert help for your WordPress website, don’t hesitate to chat us up! We’ll do our best to help you.


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