OSKY Takes Tourism & Regional Web Development to 2020 and Beyond

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty, rich and rare. Australia has so much to offer, with tourism promoting our very best assets.

At OSKY, we know the tourism industry, the need to reflect attractions digitally across the world. More than 80% of tourists start their research on the internet. So an engaging, fully functional, streamline designed website is a necessary tool to promote tourism.

Our expertise within the sector has built entirely practical, exceptional sites for several regions within our beautiful country. Each digital platform has unique coding that delivers required resources to load reliably and create a user experience that influences visitors to our country to add the region to their itinerary.

Shoalhaven is a string of coastal villages with 100 unspoiled beaches that spread from Sydney to Canberra. OSKY created a gamified app with a live leaderboard which encourages visitors to capture and submit photos of beaches along the coastline.

The app features a real-time exploration of the beaches on a map, live scoreboard for players and an opportunity to share gaming progress with friends. OSKY has taken Shoalhaven tourism into a new dimension allowing the Shoalhaven City Council to obtain vital information about their audience demographics and details that enable them to keep their visitors updated with targeted promotions in the region.

Take the challenge now by visiting 100beachchallenge.com

OSKY’s experience in integrating a digital presence with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a bonus for any part of the tourism industry wanting a new platform. This feature allows all product listings (e.g. accommodation, walking trails), across multiple categories and locations, to be synced dynamically with the website. OSKY has a great partnership with ATDW and works closely with them in the industry. This partnership is evident in sites such as www.visitupperlachlan.com.au and the Yass Valley website, which showcase the seamless integration.

Yass Valley sought help from Osky to create an online one-stop information centre about their Region. OSKY delivered a site with the main carousel featuring crisp and clear photos. The grids are clean and streamlined, the navigation buttons eye-catching. The user experience is fast, seamless, and searchable. The design implemented a news archive and easy access for the client to post adverts and hot offers directly to the website.

Visit the Valley and take in the beauty by going to www.yassvalley.com.au

The design for the Canberra Region Tablelands project was crafted by OSKY to showcase exceptional photography. Including a unique search function, multi-user blog publishing tools and social sharing. Search engine optimisation and an email subscription database were all integrated into the design. Visitors to the website can easily find and filter locations to gain information and get an understanding of the region through its unique interface. Osky used the WordPress CMS that was created to maintain and structure a customised solution for the website while keeping the content, imagery and indexability optimised and fast.

See the Tablelands yourself by visiting www.canberraregiontablelands.com.au

OSKY has assisted various councils and shires in promoting tourism across their regions, using our expertise in the realm. We understand the importance of showcasing the beauty of an area while still delivering a streamlined, fully functional, digital presence.

The Canberra Region Joint Organisation (CRJO) engaged Osky to build www.canberraregion.com.au to showcase the Region’s three pillars of focus: LIVE, VISIT and INVEST. This central resource now supports the promotion and success of the whole of CBR Region Brand, resulting in increased brand awareness to key markets.

OSKY is currently working on a number of exciting digital projects to showcase some of Australia’s magnificent regions including an innovative solution for Tasmania which will be revealed in 2020.

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