OSKY launches $10,000 Digital Grant

Thursday September 5, 2019

OSKY are launching their new digital grant program and are inviting organisations to enter a submission.

Having worked with many not-for-profit organisations, OSKY understands the importance of reaching out. To convey that vital awareness message, or that call to action to encourage people to support your worthy cause.

The OSKY Digital Grant is our way of giving back to the not for profit sector.

If you are a not for profit organisation and are thinking of investing in a new digital presence, then OSKY wants to help you. To allow you to improve the algorithmic visibility of your organisation and to engage with more supporters digitally.

OSKY understands that people spend very little time on a webpage and strive to ensure that their sites grab attention as soon as they load. The team relishes building websites that reflect an organisation, capture the imagination of the target market and tell a story, delivering messages of awareness.

If you believe your organisation deserves a $10,000 digital makeover, then OSKY invites you to enter.

Click here for your chance to compete and prepare your submission.

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