Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Tuesday March 1, 2016

It’s official. The world has gone handheld. Studies show that mobile has surpassed desktop Internet usage. This fact alone underscores the importance of making sure your website is mobile-friendly. Each mobile-friendly website must adhere to the following: simplified usage, better navigation, and easy-to-consume content.

And how do you exactly do that?

There are three major approaches to mobilizing a website. The fastest—and probably the most cost-efficient—of these is building a responsive website. A responsive website employs layouts that can be automatically adjusted, depending on what screen (mobile, tablet, desktop) it is shown on. The developer is tasked to create these permutations and making sure each is responsive and user-friendly.

The second one is creating an a mobile website, which is—take note— separate from the current website. Whereas responsive website is basically tweaking your existing site, this one is creating a new website specifically for mobile browsers. It’s building a new site from scratch. And because it’s mobile, it’s stripped down to the essentials: simple design, bite-sized content, links.

The third approach is developing a mobile application, which is essentially making use of language and platform native to smartphones. However, not all websites require a mobile app, as it usually entails a tedious birthing process.

When you need help optimizing your website for mobile, hit us up. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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