Introducing OSKY Portal

Wednesday August 23, 2023

Innovation is often born from necessity, from the desire to create solutions that empower and uplift. At OSKY, our journey to develop the OSKY Portal was ignited by an unprecedented challenge that transformed into a vision to bridge the gap between website owners and their technical support teams.

The Catalyst: Navigating the Challenges of 2020

The year 2020 brought with it a wave of unforeseen challenges – a global pandemic, impending lockdowns, and a surge in cyber security incidents. As we stood at the crossroads of uncertainty, one thing became abundantly clear: the digital landscape was more crucial than ever. In the midst of these trials, we witnessed a remarkable surge in support requests across our diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from small and medium enterprises to large corporations.

The Disconnect: Unveiling a Crucial Gap

During this time, a revelation dawned upon us – a disconnect that was impeding seamless collaboration. It became evident that many clients were grappling with a lack of understanding about the true state of their websites. Stakeholders, business owners, and web developers found themselves on different planes of awareness, leading to misalignment and missed opportunities. The urgency of the moment underscored the need for a solution that could bridge this divide and empower clients with real-time insights.

Answering the Call: Rising to the Challenge

In response to the mounting demands on our support team and the increasing expectations of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and support agreements, we knew that a transformative solution was imperative. With the belief that knowledge empowers, we bolstered our support team to accommodate the surging requirements. Yet, the essence of true empowerment lay in transparency and communication.

Creating the Solution: OSKY Portal Emerges

The desire to equip our clients with the tools to navigate their digital domains drove us to develop the OSKY Portal. This visionary platform would not only provide insights into website health, performance, and security but would also establish a seamless channel of communication between website owners and our technical support team.

A New Era: Introducing OSKY Portal

Today, we are proud to introduce the OSKY Portal – a culmination of our dedication to empowering our clients. This dynamic online dashboard is designed to provide you with real-time insights into the vitality of your website, offering a comprehensive view of its performance and security status. With features like seamless access to monthly health reports, instant backup status updates, plugin management, and empowerment through maintenance scheduling, the OSKY Portal is poised to redefine website management.

OSKY Portal

OSKY Portal

Join Us in Shaping the Future

As we gear up for the anticipated launch of the OSKY Portal by late 2023, we invite you to be a part of our Beta Testing program. This exclusive opportunity will grant you a sneak peek into the transformative capabilities of the portal, including the innovative Push Notifications and Alerts feature.

At OSKY, our commitment to driving digital transformation for our clients remains steadfast. The OSKY Portal embodies our pledge to ensure that website owners are empowered, informed, and equipped to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Embrace the future of website management and collaboration with OSKY Portal.

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