Web Hosting Guide: Should you go Internal or External?

Friday January 20, 2017

Today it is a must for companies big or small to have a website for customers to reach them. Before a website could be accessed on the internet, it must first be hosted via an internal or external web hosting service. We will discuss the merits and demerits of each method shortly, but let us define each one first.

Internal hosting refers to the practice where the organization itself sets up their own web server to host the website. Companies who use this method mostly already have an internal IT staff that helps manage it. Meanwhile, external hosting is the method where companies outsource their website hosting to a third-party web hosting provider.

Here are the pros and cons of internal and external website hosting:

Internal Web Hosting

As mentioned, internal hosting is done by the company itself and to do so they must have the means to host their website as this can be expensive. Apart from an internal IT department, they must also have the assets, hardware, servers, and applications for internal hosting.

The good thing about this method is that it is often faster than external hosting and the company gets full control of the hosted environment. The downside to this is that you will need to keep a very close eye on the hardware, software and hosting environment of the website to prevent hackers or any kind of cyber vulnerabilities from getting in. Additionally, other factors need to be considered such as the resources for cooling the hardware, having sufficient space for data, keeping the server up to date and more.

External Web Hosting

Most companies find it more practical to outsource their web hosting to a hosting company for the simple reason that it is more convenient. Getting an external website hosting service allows companies to focus more on their business content and software without having to worry about the security and networking infrastructures of their website. In most cases, you can also look for a web development and design company who can host your website and include other services such as web design, web development and digital marketing.

There are numerous hosting plans available that cater to the diverse needs of companies that can be easily obtained online. The most obvious downside is that the streamlined costs that may come in monthly or yearly charges for external website hosting are always there for as long as the website is running. Fortunately, these fees are minimal compared to hosting your website internally as you will not need to purchase additional staffing or resources required when hosting internally. If you need help in finding the right hosting and website provider for your business please reach us today.




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