Growth Hacking Tips for Your Website

Friday April 29, 2016

Traction means the world when managing a website. Higher page views, lower bounce rates, meaningful online engagements — these are all in your wish list. What if we tell you about some remarkable marketing hacks that can make your Analytics dreams a reality? Check them out:

Update your email signature

In case you have not done so yet, always include a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon in your email signature and make sure it links to your social media site! This is perhaps the most effortless way to get quality traffic coming to your website.

Be in forums

Anticipate the questions your target audience would most likely ask. Go to Google, lookup those questions, and get into forums and websites in the top search results and then contribute an answer featuring your website in the content that you post up.


Omnipresence is the word.

Be everywhere. Omnipresence is establishing your presence in all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, even Foursquare! Be everywhere your audience is.

Be present everywhere your audience is.

Guest blogging

Pitch ideas to tech blogs and be a guest blogger! Take advantage of forums and blogs and remember to mention your website in as most content you contribute as possible.

Leverage on the power of #hashtags

Cash in on the power of #hashtags. Decide on a distinct hashtag for your website, organization or campaign, and tag all your social media publication with it.


Upload to Slideshare

Develop comprehensive content with Powerpoint and upload it on Slideshare – be it a tutorial, an infographic, or simply an educational material. By doing so, your website is promoted, you share your knowledge to your target audience, and your content might even get embedded in your audience’s blogs. That’s free marketing at it’s best!


Go and start growth hacking your way to the top of the digital chain!

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