Google Adwords Explained – The Impact On Your Website

Monday July 10, 2017

Google Adwords is like the alphabet lottery, only you win each time you string keywords together. It’s the advertising empire that platforms businesses on the front step of their target audience by enabling advertisers to purchase relevancy.

What can Google Adwords do for your business?

To use Google AdWords, businesses identify the most optimal keywords that relate to their business from which you create an advertisement campaign. Google then identifies these keywords from your advertisement and every time a person enters that keyword, depending on the amount that you set to spend determines how far forward in the ‘ranking’ line you are.

The more that you spend, the higher you rank, but also, the more that you spend, the more clicks you receive and the less effort people have in finding you. There’s a balancing board, and asking the question of “Am I applying the right expenditure with the right page views?”.

With Google dominating online advertising space with a 71% ownership of the search engine market, Google is the Internet’s primary feedback for the buying and selling of nearly all business online advertising information.

No matter what your business is offering, by understanding the importance of keywords and phrases, can put businesses very high on the list of being first every time a person makes an online query relating to the nature of the business that you’re in.

Because Google Adwords give you a higher search ranking and you keep being seen at the top of the list, people trust your business reputability more and this makes the cost of your efforts more presentable, since people are attracted to your words and so will continue to click.

How keywords turn a business on

Businesses have the capability through Google AdWords to pay for an encounter with the consumer, and they can preempt through the integrated Google Keyword planner what the most successful words are that your target audience looks for when they are trying to find you.

This means that if your business is very specific, you can find the most relevant words, and even string relevant words together to attract a greater union of a phrase.

Similarly, if your business is not that specific and on par with the masses of your competition, you can polarise yourself by using more niche words to separate yourself which means that you can get yourself noticed quicker by matching the expected outcome of the user.

According to web visible survey 86% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, so you can only imagine that volume of feedback that businesses that are in the Google advertising network attract.

With Google on the leading edge of internet advertising, any business, anywhere, can compete with other businesses through the power of Google Adwords campaigns, marketing on the cutting edge.

Because Google’s search platform includes millions of partner websites and affiliates that funnel information from Google further into the internet search network, your advertising campaign can reach across the entirety of Google-owned sites such as Gmail, Blogger and Youtube.

Nearly every millimeter of internet advertising space is covered by Google giving your business the best opportunity in your approach to dynamic advertising.

Ad Campaign return on investment

According to, 98% of people looking for something online choose a business that is on the first page of feedback results. This for businesses highlights the importance of ranking on Google’s first page of results.

The most successful businesses are those that the audience sees first and they achieve that position through investing in strategic SEO.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), are the factors that contribute to the sites ranking visibility, Keywords are just one element.

With the rise in mobile technology, campaigns can be further optimised by choosing an appropriate visual fit to meet the dimensions of a mobile screen, and apps available can also accentuate the possibilities of how campaigns appeal to the user.

Orienting editorial links that come from trending content into your content increases the likelihood of your website content being shared and therefore increasing its ranking, although creating high-quality compelling content that people want to share will also increase your ranking, sales, and brand exposure.

Search engine journal documents that SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, whilst traditional methods such as print advertising have only a 1.7% conversion rate.

Google Adwords campaigns is a smart business decision for every business that has a website to use to feed and receive consumers. Through strategic and consistent SEO, a website will receive continual traffic, maintain a successful online presence and achieve long-term sustainable results that equate to sales.

Written by Daniella Smithson

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