How Good Website Design Makes Your Website More Competitive

Monday June 4, 2018

A good website design is not to be confused with nice looks. The concept is much deeper than that and achieves great many benefits for a company when it comes to digital marketing. Businesses are fighting to gain visibility on the internet, and website serves a central role in giving them the competitive edge. It even allows small businesses to compete with large corporations head to head. But what exactly is a great website design?

What Makes up a Good Website Design?

Some of the components that enhance the impact of a website design are as follows.

  • A fast loading speed
  • A friendly user interface
  • Easy navigation
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile optimized
  • Neat and clean
  • Appropriately themed

If your website has all or most of these characteristics, you can safely say that you have an excellent website design.

How to Achieve a Good Website Design

Here is how you can achieve the components of a good website design.

Choose Your Host Wisely

Choosing the right host can affect your website in multiple ways. First, a good website host will have a 99.99% uptime. Secondly, they will provide you with fast page loading speeds. Their servers, the load on each server and the web hosting best practices can directly impact your website’s loading speed and resultantly your SEO rankings. You want to know how far the datacenters of your website host are located from the location of your major target audience.

Go for a Simple Design

Your first target when creating a website should be to keep it simple. You can introduce the fancy features later once you know what your visitors want. A simple website design uses white space intelligently and does not make the website feel cluttered. Keep in mind that a simple design lets your website visitors find information easily. Moreover, it lets you creates attractive call-to-action buttons.

Target SEO Optimisation

Fast page loading speeds contribute to your SEO rankings. In addition to choosing the right host, you also want to put optimised content on your website. Your images should be high quality but their size should be small. You should use H1, H2 and H3 tags to create SEO optimised content. Optimise the images with Alt tags and captions. Design your website in such a way that you can incorporate images and videos. Visual content makes people stay on your website for longer and thus helping you reduce the bounce rate.

Make It Mobile-optimised

Mobile optimisation is not an option but a compulsory step of creating great website designs. You can lose millions of customers if your website does not have a mobile-optimised version. You can go for responsive website design that adjusts according to the screen size of the device. If you did not know, Google does not show your website in mobile search results if your website is not optimised for mobile devices. The losses of not having a mobile-optimised website are even higher for e-commerce websites.

Choose an Appropriate Theme

Your website’s theme is extremely important because it has to reflect the industry your website belongs to. It does not matter which platform you choose to create your website, you now have hundreds and thousands of themes to choose from. You have to pick a theme that appropriately represents your website. If your website is about engineering, you would not want to pick a cartoonish theme. Similarly, a website that belongs to a cartoonist must not look bland as though it is some recruiting company’s website.

Why You Need a Good Website Design

Take a look at these statistics to get a clear idea of why you need a smart website design.

  • A business can lose up to 27% sales if its website takes a second longer to load than normal.
  • Non-loading images compel 39% website visitors to never return to a website.
  • A website’s design is so crucial that 48% people say they gauge a business’ credibility with it.
  • Another 48% believe a website’s mobile friendliness tells them how caring the brand is towards its customers.
  • Most importantly, 94% of the individuals say they rejected doing business with a company because of how their website looked.
  • 62 of companies that created website for mobile devices saw noticeable increases in their sales.


If you look at the stats stated above you can realise how important a websites’ design is. Not only does your website’s design affect your sales but it also makes or breaks your brand’s image in the eyes of your potential customers. For that reason, it only makes sense to invest in a good website design and a reputable website designing company.

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