Fundraising Money Online – Why Is It So Popular?

Tuesday February 13, 2018

Fundraising money online has become quite a famous method of raising the required funds for your organisation. While for-profit organisations have used the online crowdfunding methods quite successfully too, it’s the non-profit organisations that enjoy the true benefits of doing so. More and more organisations have been choosing this route in the recent years and here are some reasons why.

The Top Reasons Why Fundraising Money Online Is So Popular

Larger Audience to Target

One of the most important factors in making a fundraising event successful is reaching enough people. However, the offline fundraising events can only target so many people because people have to attend the event personally in most cases. The online fundraising method allows you to target an entire country, or the whole world if your cause allows you to target an international audience. It’s not just the organisations that have benefited, but the individuals sitting at home and filled with the passion for donating can now discover more fundraisers right from the comfort of their home.

Not being able to attend the event is not an obstacle in their passion for donation anymore. All they have to do is press a few clicks and make the desired donation to a cause that’s closest to their hearts.

Faster Arrangements

Arranging an offline event and asking influencers to attend can be quite a long process. Not to mention, you are always trying to make your arrangements good enough to make your sponsors and attendees happy. Furthermore, you have to use a lot of volunteers, worry about assigning them the right roles, pick the best activities to keep the attendees engaged, etc. with the offline fundraisers. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about these factors when starting an online fundraising campaign. Instead, you can spend time with those who you are raising funds for a while the event is up and running.

An Affordable Solution

This is where offline fundraising events cannot beat the online fundraisers. When you are running a non-profit organisation, you have to be very careful with how you spend the money. Spending money frugally can be quite a task when holding offline fundraising events. Even if you are using volunteers to manage the event, you have to pay them something or in some way to compensate for their valuable services. The whole arrangement of the event can cost a lot of money even if you are using a lot of sponsors. Fundraising money online, on the other hand, is the most affordable way of reaching out to the potential donors and convincing them to donate to the cause.

Consider the example of that lets you arrange unlimited fundraising events, brands your emails and fundraising event page to your liking in just $99 every month. Compare these $99 with what you have to spend while arranging an offline event and you will know what value you are obtaining from an online fundraiser.

The Successful Fundraisers

So, all those benefits sound great, but there is no weight in words unless there is proof of success. With online fundraising, there have been many successful events. Some events that are worth mentioning include the Random Acts of Tattoo project and Cookies for Mila.

The Random Acts of Tattoo was a campaign launched to help individuals with regretful past choices to cover up or remove their racist or gang-related tattoos. It’s a great cause and unique one. People have shown their love for the cause, and with the goal of $100,000, the project has already raised more than $33,000 using the online fundraising method.

Similarly, there are Cookies for Mila, a campaign launched by a 7-year old for her friend. The two friends had a stutter wherein Dana’s stutter improved after therapy whereas Mila’s got worse than before. Once discovered that Mila had a disease called Batten, the 7-year old Dana launched an online fundraising campaign. While the campaign had a goal of $40,000, it has already crossed that mark and is over $56,000 as of yet.

If you have a cause that you think people can relate to, it is best that you go with fundraising money online. Not only will it help you reach out to a much larger audience but also allow people from around the world to donate to the cause they can relate to. See Fundraise Digital!

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