Digitising Non-Profit Organisations

Friday June 2, 2017

The digital revolution has left many non-profit organisations in the dust. With the digital space rapidly evolving, many organisations have struggled to navigate the digital terrain. Utilising great web development or even hiring a WordPress developer can drastically update the environment for digitising your organisation.

Not-for-profit fundraising for change through social media has been prevalent since the launch of Facebook in 2004 and with current and ongoing advances in technology innovation, now more than ever is the time for non profit organisations to take action through online channels. Staying vested in growing and strengthening campaigns through technological improvements benefits many non-profit organisations to strategically improve the way they raise funding.

Many digital channels of outreach exist to benefit the organisation, and engaging with your audience online is an essential way to reach them.

Social media engagement

What happened? During 2016, leading social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter and Youtube made algorithmic changes to decrease the reach in audience numbers that your messages get to. What this now means is that in order for you to engage with more people on these platforms, you’re going to need to use paid advertising methods to reach the numbers of people that you once could reach for free.

With the dynamic changes to social platforms, your nonprofit organisation will also need to adopt new technological approaches in order to continue to increase your engagement levels and this requires investing in premium tools, professional web development staff and powerful advertising means.

Email fundraising

Social media has dominated as a primary method of internet communication, but email interactions are still strong.

Savvy developers are launching apps effective on a mobile device that have optimised donation forms, increased ticket sales and provide heavy assurances that guarantee to get your campaign messages opened and clicked by recipients.

56% of emails are opened on a mobile device (Litmus) and the number one activity for smartphone users is reading their email. What email upgrades will you invest in to accomplish your fundraising goals?

Digital payment

Your online fundraising isn’t complete unless you have an effective payment structure to accept it. Your donor network has gone digitally mobile, but is your nonprofit website meeting recent payment platform innovations?

Technology for nonprofit consumers is being geared towards web developers and social entrepreneurs coming together in creating essential mobile fundraising apps through mobile wallets. Mobile wallets through Android, Samsung and Apple Pay now supports the receipt of instant donations to nonprofits, a more seamless way for your support network to donate to your nonprofit organization(s) with just a touch.

Online giving is on the precipice of radical change and for your nonprofit to really achieve your fundraising goals you must provide stronger immediacy in creating accessibility to donors. Your sense of urgency in instigating technological advances is what will really make the difference to the success of your future campaigns.

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