Learning how to handle big data analytics

Wednesday August 24, 2016

Tapjoy is a data-driven mobile app advertising platform that serves about 500 million users globally and procures 1.5 million ad engagements every day. It’s an extremely productive application, and part of its success is credited to the way Tapjoy handles big data analytics.

Every day, it deals with two dozens of terabytes of data. Only two part-time database administrators get to manage this overwhelming data volume. How do they do it and how can you apply the same principles to your own business?

David Abercrombie, Principal Data Analytics Engineer at Tapjoy, explains: “We have sort of a hybrid architecture. I’d say that we have all the way from real-time, in-memorySQL, Hadoop and all of its machine learning and our algorithmic pipelines, and then we have kind of the old-school data warehouse with the operational data store and the star schema.”

The DBAs—one of them is Abercrombie—deal with the patches,cluster recovery, data structure design, SQL tuning, as well as Vertica training.

You too can also come up with a big-data application—minus the bandwidth stresses and problems that go with it. All you have to do is let Osky handle the big-data management. Osky’s data experts can deftly integrate massive data volume into your app, provide more than enough disk bandwidth, and make sure your app runs smoothly and efficiently.

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