6 Must-Know 2016 Web Dev Trends

Saturday March 12, 2016

What is Web Dev in 2016?

Since technology is always evolving, you can always expect trends in web dev. The year 2015 saw the advent of single page applications and popularity of parallax scrolling, and 2016 seems to be the year for Motion UI and other user advanced platforms and frameworks.

Osky Interactive are experienced in recognising web dev trends, and utilising the best-practice consultation located in Canberra. We have helped hundreds of different clients, ranging from non-profit organisations, small businesses, government agencies and global enterprises, integrate the best web dev technologies available. We will strive to keep updated and knowledgeable with website trends.

Here are the other interesting and unique web dev trends that seem to be rocking this year:

  1. Apps working in real-time. The rise of live streaming app Periscope is proof that real-time analytics is playing a bigger role these days especially in social media marketing.
  2. Full-screen navigation designs. These enable the users to have a better experience when filling out forms on their mobile.
  3. Responsive design. More technologies that are independent from mobile like Apple Watch and Google Glass will adopt the responsive design.
  4. Implementation of stricter security. As the technological world advances, so does the need to propagate better security systems. Websites and mobile apps are expected to be more secure than ever.
  5. More powerful browsers. These are largely attributed to the dominance of JavaScript, which remains to be one of the most commonly used and popular programming languages.
  6. Infinite scrolling. You saw it in 2015, and you’ll see more of it this year. This endless scrolling experience allows the users to easily skim through visual and textual content.

We’ll tell you more about our updated technologies and trend-based solutions. Contact us now. 

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