Block of Hours

Osky Staff Service

Regular Consulting, Development and Maintenance

These services are provided at the customer’s request in the form of web development projects, enhancements to the existing websites, new features or upgrades, change requests, testing and consulting.

Development Staff Services

These above services are provided by the “Non-Executive” shared-staff labor pool and means that Osky will assign tasks and manage the workflow based upon developer availability and client workload.

Emergency Services

An emergency service consists of any service that is needed after business hours (8:00 to 6:00 AEST) and requires an effort consisting of longer than 1 hour. If you are within your block of hours and the task is less than 1 hour it will be charged against your block of hours at the regular rate, otherwise, after hours emergency services will be billed at double your regular rate. Regular change requests within your hours are not considered emergencies even if they are urgent – unless the urgency requires that we significantly shift our development schedule.


If a resource is required to be on-site then a daily fee ($1,520/day) as well as certain travel expenses will be charged.

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