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The Hub in Phillip

    The Hub in Phillip (L’arche Genesaret) is a Canberran multi-purpose social space for individuals with and without an intellectual disability to experience and enjoy mutually enhancing social interaction. With a strong community, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, The Hub in Phillip was a great initiative for Osky Interactive to create and design a professional and welcoming platform to engage their users online and build a community. We delivered a custom design with unique features to accompany the growing needs of The Hub in Phillip to reach out and engage with their users across many delivery systems.

    The brief

    Taking the Hub in Phillip and creating a brand new platform by which to serve it’s community across Canberra was the key mission of the project. With a goal to provide a platform to distribute information across all various networks with L’arche’s events, courses and workshops that are accessible for social media and email. The client also required a number of custom modules that were required to be made for internal managing of reports, events, invoicing, news, and donations at L’arche Genersaret.


    • Capacity to conveniently manage content throughout the site.
    • Online Events and Course calendar modules.
    • Events management, registration and ticketing system.
    • Course scheduling, management and enrolment system.
    • Custom Course reporting module.
    • Invoicing/Receipting module.
    • News listing and archive system.
    • EOI web forms and lead management modules.
    • Social Sharing module to allow quick and seamless sharing of content such as activity announcements and new fund sources via social media.
    • E-newsletter subscription integration with 3rd party emailer engine.
    • eWAY online payment integration.

    The outcome

    Osky delivered a clean working framework that helped The Hub in Phillip manage, deliver and distribute information conveniently and rapidly. Along with client training and support, Osky’s smart solution helped the client fulfill and manage their offline operations to concurrently fit alongside their online platform.

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