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Residential Reports

    Since its inception in 2004, Residential Reports has grown immensely throughout Australia as a business, especially in the ACT. Residential Report’s reporting and certification technology has been proven by real estate agents and vendors in Australia. They have mastered to streamline process reports by designing a special process for its users. As a result, they are able to provide comprehensive reports with an incredibly fast turn-around.

    Professional results have been part of the core business of Residential Reports which has made them an award winning business in Australia. Despite proven results, Residential Reports still strives everyday to be the leader in the market through ensuring outstanding service and fostering strong long term relationships with local Real Estate Agents.

    The brief

    To replace a website that had poor User Experience which resulted to low conversions and unreliable backend integration with its mobile app.


    • New fresh design
    • Bootstrap mobile responsive framework.
    • Seamless integration with RR’s  Android and iOS app.
    • E-newsletter subscription module
    • News and events module.
    • Integration with Google Maps.
    • Optimised for SEO

    The outcome

    Osky provided Residential Reports a custom designed website that is SEO and mobile friendly. We have also implemented a document management module to provide Residential Reports a mechanism to store and archive its rich library of reading materials.

    And in order for the staff of Residential Reports to provide a more thorough service, Osky integrated the website with the easy to use WordPress CMS for content management and keeping the website up-to-date.

    Users were also able to utilise a user friendly booking engine where they can make custom appointments. As a result, Residential Reports experienced improved conversion rates with increased online bookings.

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