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QueenBee Cleaning

    QueenBee Cleaning is a rising star in the professional residential cleaning industry in Canberra and its surrounding areas. The company is led by cleaning professionals that are experienced in five-star hotel cleaning service and hospitality, but can service any of your cleaning needs at home or in the office.

    It can be intimidating to compete against established businesses as a new company. QueenBee Cleaning was in dire need of people to put them on the internet, and so helped develop their website so that more people can find dependable cleaning services at reasonable prices throughout Canberra.

    The brief

    To put QueenBee Cleaning’s rightful place in the communities it serves – on top.  The company aims to impress their clients with professional and innovative cleaning solutions for every home. They needed a responsive website to showcase their reliable cleaning services and Osky shares that vision. Osky found the company’s old website lacking and unrefined so it gave QueenBee Cleaning the much-needed help they deserve.


    • Major Website Rebuilding and Facelift
    • Responsive Web and Mobile Design
    • Logo and Brand Development
    • WordPress CMS integration
    • Setup Search Engine Marketing Campaign
    • Landing Pages that Support Marketing Campaigns

    The outcome

    Like Osky, QueenBee Cleaning is on the top of their game. Apart from remaking the company’s old website, Osky made the company more accessible to clients in need of professional cleaning services. In line with utmost expertise that QueenBee Cleaning represents, they needed Osky to realign their website to their brand. This is why the new website was given a major facelift, a new logo and made mobile-friendly.

    Furthermore, Osky also included marketing features that drive more audience which resulted in 500% more conversions weekly for the company.  QueenBee Cleaning now enjoys being at the top of their game and on the search engine thanks to Osky.

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